Step #2

Financial Clarity

Image 2 - Financial Clarity

As a founding member and academic advisor to the National Institute of Financial Education®, I have come to appreciate just how important money management is to peace of mind. For many people, the conversation in their head sounds like, “I already know I don’t have enough so why would I want to know exactly?” There is another way.

For the last 30 years, I have helped people make smart decisions around debt, real estate, and investing. I observed how fear and joy cannot coexist. Every time I have helped people get their arms around their finances, and get moving in a positive direction, I’ve seen their peace of mind and confidence soar.

Step 2 on our unique process is the Financial Clarity Questionnaire™ and conversation where we cover:

  • Concerns – external, financial, personal
  • Reality check – career, savings, debt, retirement
  • Financial management – spending, budgeting, planning
  • Goals, gaps, and strategies

Our mission is not to become your financial advisor or to sell you on moving to Austin. Our job is to help you think through the benefits and drawbacks of relocating to another city. If it’s in your best interest, in Steps 4-6, we’ll help you execute a well-thought-out plan.

The most important answers we seek in Step 2 include:

  • What is the financial impact of relocating?
  • What might it do to our short- and long-term cash flow, savings, and retirement?
  • Might the anticipated financial benefits allow us to have the lifestyle we currently dream about?

For my family, relocating to an area where housing was significantly less expensive, and no state income tax, made an enormously positive difference. Would you like to see what it might mean for you?

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