Step #3

Relocation Priorities

dog laying in the park

 In Step 1, we covered big issues like ‘where are we now’ and ‘where do we want to be?’ Step 2 covered all things financial. The next step is more enjoyable.

Step 3 involves imagination and hope. We start by getting clarity about concerns you have with where you live now. Then we explore what an ideal city, neighborhood, and house look like to you. Everyone is different. Some clients want a dog and backyard, others want a high-rise condo downtown. Our job is to help you get as much of what you want within your budget.

The Relocation Priorities Questionnaire™ not only allows you to select what you like from a detailed list; it then allows you to rank order items that are important to you. And we’ll identify things you want to avoid, maybe that’s road noise, electrical lines, whatever. This questionnaire becomes the basis of your house shopping list.

When we relocated to Greater Austin, it became clear that we needed to decide how we were going to decide. I know that sounds funny but it’s a thing. And you will also find that however many members are in your family, that’s how many opinions there will be. Our number one priority was to be in a specific school district. Number two was we wanted to back up to greenspace. When you get what you want, it is easier for a house to become a home.

Have everyone in your family complete a separate questionnaire and compare answers. While everyone won’t have an equal vote, getting to be part of the conversation greatly enhances buy-in, which is important during those first few months when people are homesick.

If you go to Step 4, your answers in this step will empower us to show you choices that align with your priorities. That will make your Discovery Trip more fun and productive. 

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