Step #4

Austin Discovery Trip

Austin skyline at sunset

If you’ve made it to Step 4, it means relocation might make sense on many different levels and now it’s time to go check it out. You may not want to live anywhere near downtown Austin. That’s okay. Greater Austin is four times larger than the state of Rhode Island. 

Whatever your housing preferences are, you can probably find something within an hour of downtown – even if you want something on 20 acres.

Our Discovery Trip Questionnaire™ is our favorite. Why? Because we have hyperlinks to so many Austin-area attractions, hotels, food, fun things to do, etc. Not only will you get to select and rank order your preferences, you’ll also be able to click links and see why these places are highly rated and/or famous.

What is a discovery trip. Here is an example weekend house shopping itinerary:

  • Fly in Friday evening, transportation to a hotel of your choosing
  • Saturday morning breakfast, followed by house tours
  • Saturday evening dinner and sightseeing
  • Sunday morning brunch and/or fun
  • Sunday afternoon house shopping (model homes don’t open until noon)
  • Sunday evening fly back home

House shopping is fun but it’s tiring. In the summer it’s too hot and in the winter it might be cold. Our mission is to help you be productive, waste minimal time, and have some fun along the way. 

These discovery trips can be the cornerstone of making relocation a grand adventure. Our goal is to get a text from you as you leave that says, “Thanks! We got to see exactly what we hoped to see.”

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