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Move toward the life you want without wasting time and money or having regrets

Clarity & Direction

We improve your odds by helping you ask and answer the most important initial questions and then make smart decisions from beginning to end. Our unique six-step process is designed to provide you with clarity and direction, which will give you confidence in your move.

Proven Systems

We’ll help you explore the city and shop for houses. Steps 2-6 of our unique process will help you minimize unnecessary drama by making smart decisions. With our guidance and proven systems, your excitement will soar and the whole thing will feel like a grand adventure.

Local Knowledge & Relationships

Our local knowledge and relationships, previous relocation experience, and passion for helping people, make us the best choice to help you buy a new home – a place where the whole family can thrive.

Clients Lifestyle in Austin


Our clients are thoughtful professionals who often feel time is their scarce resource.

They recognize the value of skill, wisdom, and experience when hiring a real estate professional to help them realize the best possible outcome and enjoy the whole relocation journey.


Considering Austin was born from the idea of sharing our relocation story so others could learn from our mistakes.

The original idea was to write a blog to share ideas and tips. However, our extensive backgrounds in real estate, financial planning, construction management, and mortgage lending led us to envision something bigger. Two questions have always been top of mind:

  1. How can we provide value to those considering a relocation move?
  2. What resources or assistance do we wish we had? 

While we excel at providing insightful questionnaires, checklists, and managing complexity, our true joy comes from building lasting relationships. We are committed to supporting our clients well beyond their move.


Three important relocation services delivered through a proven process

Tailored Relocation Consulting

Leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise, we offer personalized guidance that is specific to your needs, ensuring your relocation is as seamless as possible.

Efficient House Shopping Experience

We recognize the hurdles of long-distance house hunting and offer strategic solutions to make the process smooth and efficient.

Comprehensive Buyer Representation

Get full-service representation and construction oversight, safeguarding your interests throughout the home-buying or building process.


Meet Kent Kopen

Kent Kopen brings a wealth of professional experience to his clients. Previously securities licensed as financial advisor with Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, Kent Kopen also has a deep background in real estate, finance, and construction project management.

This expertise was the foundation for building Considering Austin — a concierge firm that helps families: 1) analyze the pros and cons of relocating from a high-cost city or state to the Greater Austin Metropolitan Area, 2) buy and finance a new home, and 3) navigate the complexity of selling an existing home, moving, and thriving in a new community.

Kent earned an MBA from the University of Southern California (USC), where he graduated with honors. He also earned an Architectural Engineering degree from the University of Colorado. And Kent is a founding member and current academic advisor for the National Institute of Financial Education, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded in 2007, which focuses on financial literacy.

Mr. Kopen has all required active licenses, and additional credentials, to provide professional residential real estate and mortgage loan brokerage services. To learn more, and to read recommendations and skills endorsements, see LinkedIn/kentkopen.

The Kopen family includes Nicole, an executive with a national home builder; Amanda, a recent graduate of Northeastern University, who currently resides near the ocean in Southern California; Christopher, a student at the University of Texas at Austin; and Humphrey the dog, who loves chasing tennis balls on our cul-de-sac.

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Kent's Family

Who Do We Help?

Our Clients

Our clients are typically closer to 60 years old than 30. They have reached a stage in life where impressing others with material possessions is not a priority. Instead, they focus on planning for their financial security well into their retirement years, particularly if they are concerned about the uncertainty of Social Security and pension benefits.

Some of our clients face the challenge of providing their children with a quality education that leads to a real job without burdening them with significant student debt. Others are deeply concerned about their aging parents who have outlived their savings, coming from a generation that valued frugality but did not expect to live as long as they have. Witnessing their parents' financial struggles weighs heavily on our clients' hearts, especially if they are not financially able to provide assistance.

Certain clients find themselves worrying about all three aspects: their children's education, their parents' financial situation, and their own retirement plans. They express frustration about the difficulty of getting ahead, feeling that hard work alone is not enough, and that distractions only provide temporary relief.

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Considering Austin is designed to make the entire relocation process easier, more efficient, and less stressful. Our expertise helps you relocate for the right reasons, to a house, neighborhood, and community that hopefully will be a good fit for a long time.